Altair - Website Re-design

Altair - Website Re-design (in collaboration with Titan Brandwise)

The client:

Altair Semiconductors, previously a thriving start-up and now a leader in its field was recently bought by the Sony Group company and needed a bold re-design for their outdated website.

The challenges:

Altair needed to convey both innovation and maturity while facing both new markets and the company's vast global existing clientele base.

Process highlights:

A significant part of the project was re-thinking the site's architecture and making sure that the site’s varied users will be exposed to the company marketing messages, its capabilities, and different markets. A long scrolling homepage was designed to shine a light on Altair’s strengths and the company’s products at a glance.

Below: The process flow diagram - planning the structure and flows of the new website

Altair - Website Sitemap Re-design

The site architecture was also built to support a clear and systematic flow for two types of users, Cellular Carriers - who set the tone for the market, and direct customers such as device manufacturers. The menus were crafted to fit these user types and allow them easy navigation to the information they expect to find.


I was fortunate to join forces with the Titan Brandwise excellent strategy and design team on this project, in the role of the UX specialist.