Engis - Website Re-design

Engis - Website Re-design

The client:

The work of re-designing Engis' website was a fascinating process. The company's unique area of expertise - providing equipment and maintenance to power stations - made exploring the subject an exciting new challenge to conquer.

The challenges:

The guys at Engis had wealth of data to support their professional advantages, they had unique products and extensive services to offer, and they have strong backing from a global leader. All these advantages had to be carefully woven into an easy to navigate website hierarchy and a clear and impressive interface.

Process highlights:

Interviewing Engis management was both interesting and demanding. A deep understanding of this unique and unfamiliar industry was essential to building an effective site.

The competitor analysis emphasized the need to differentiate Engis using their great strengths - their vast knowledge base and their varied maintenance services. Our main goal was to expose the users to this wealth, by using taxonomy and categorizing when building the site’s menus and crafting the product and services pages.

Below: One of the inner pages

Engis - an inner page presented on screen


In this project, I have joined forces with Tamar Lourie, a talented designer who gave life and vivid colors to the Engis vision.


Below: The re-designed sitemap

Engis re-design - the sitemap