Growing Together - Design Consult and Microcopy

Growing Together - Design Consultation and Microcopy

The client:

I had the pleasure of working with Meytal Eisenberg, the creator of “Growing Together” (לגדול ביחד), on the brand’s new website. Meytal brought her cool educational products and a love for design, and I brought my UX capabilities and experience to the mix. I also wrote the Microcopy for the new “Growing Together” website.

Process highlights:

The Microcopy process began just like any UX process - with a client's interview, analyzing the competitors, and researching the target audience - in this case, two different user types: parents and educators.

Next, I have formulated the Voice and Tone document and fine-tuned it to reflect the research results and insights. The document describes the users’ expectations from the brand as well as the brand’s character and ‘language’.

Below: A Microcopy example - the main menu and page header follows the characterized Voice & Tone

Growing Together - a microcopy example

Writing the Microcopy was adjacent to the Voice and Tone document. Every menu category, button, and system message were anchored in the specifications detailed and examined in the document.

Every microcopy element, has a purpose, to guide the user, make them feel comfortable, and lead them safely to the target - buying a product in the website’s store or signing up to the brand’s newsletter.

Below: The questionnaire results that were part of the preliminary research

Growing Together - research questionnaires