Anti Drugs Authority ERP System Re-design

Israel Anti Drugs Authority enterprise system re-design

The client:

Israel Anti Drugs Authority (IADA) is the central body in Israel assigned to leading the fight against the use of drugs (alcohol abuse) in the country. The corporation has a complex organizational structure, and in accordance - complex enterprise software that needed a substantial re-design and re-build.

The challenge:

The IADA’s system had a complicated structure, endless functions, and a confusing and outdated interface that resulted in the fact that many of the system’s capabilities and strengths were little used or not used at all.

The IADA people as well as the programming company that I worked with were aware of the system’s handicaps but were eager to rush the design process, making me fight on many structural and design decisions.

Below: A wireframe presenting the re-designed system's structure

Anti-Drugs-Authority wire-frame presented on a computer screen

Process highlights:

Interviewing the system’s users made it clear that the busy and never-ending side menu was a real obstacle, making it hard to navigate and operate the system. The users also sometimes preferred pen and paper to the system’s overloaded and confusing data input forms.

The first significant structural decision was to add a system ‘homepage’ that allowed the users to enter their own department’s sub-systems directly, which resulted in easier and friendlier navigation, and clearer and less-busy menus.

The other significant design move was to re-design the many data input forms, using larger fonts, generous spacing, and a well-defined structure to generate clear and easy to follow forms. Using these forms was crucial for the potential use of the system’s vast database and the many valuable features it had to offer.


On this project, I worked closely with Atarnity, who were in charge of the programming of the re-designed system.