Midaat homepage on screen

Midaat - Branding and Website Design

The client:
Midaat (מדעת) is a non-profit organization aiming to make medical information available to the public, they focus on preventive medicine and vaccination. The Midaat members are Ph.D. Doctors, medical experts, scientists, and others who care about the issue.

The challenges:

The new branding and website needed to present an alternative to false and misleading anti-vaccine enthusiasts flooding the web. The design had to convey the professionalism and credibility of Midaat’s volunteers and to let confused parents know that they have reached a reliable source. On top of that, it was important to express the care and empathy these people have for anyone seeking help.

Process highlights:

The site architecture puts the spot on the vaccines and the diseases they protect from. The goal was to make the information as easy to access as possible - the site menus support this need by categorizing the vaccines both by the kid’s age or by related groups such as soldiers, travelers, etc.

Below: An inner page of the new website

Midaat inner page on screen

The reliability is conveyed by detailed information linked to each vaccine, presented in a clear and consistent structure, and the warm and friendly interface emphasizes the message of care and empathy that defines the organization.

Despite the formality and severity of the issue, the design made an effort to provide worried parents with a pleasant and easy journey, and to help them make educated decisions about their family’s health.