TLV Week registration website (for Taglit - Birthright Israel)

TLV Week registration website (for Taglit - Birthright Israel)

The client:

Taglit organizes trips to Israel for young Jewish adults, exposing them to both Jewish history and the contemporary Jewish state, while accompanied by Israeli peers.

The Tel Aviv week is a 5 days activity gathering that exposes the participants to the city's more fun and cultural activities.

The challenges:

Around 6,000 Taglit participants register through this website for a day of fun in Tel Aviv with two exciting activities of their own choice. Although there is an extremely complex process behind the scenes, the task was to present a simple and fun process for the users.

Also, the site lets its admins follow and supervise the activities and their operators. That includes making sure all participants have arrived at their destinations and a follow-up on those who didn't.

Below: The website presented on a mobile device

TLV Week website on a mobile device