A dashboard for the tour-guide's app

Taglit (Birthright Israel) - Tour Guide App

Above: The dashboard is a more recent addition to the app, a tool used by Taglit's administrators.

The client:

Taglit organizes trips to Israel for young Jewish adults, exposing them to both Jewish history and the contemporary Jewish state, while accompanied by Israeli peers.

This app is a tool used by the trip tour guides to view and interact with essential trip information such as the group’s team members, itineraries, and more.

The challenges:

The app’s light and friendly interface conceal the vast data system standing behind it. The system includes a mass of essential information used by the tour guides, trip organizers, moderators, and other stakeholders in Taglit. The app needed to serve all these different users and most importantly, to be easily operated and updated by the tour guides.

Below: The app's home screen, meetups screen, and login screen.

Taglit (Birthright Israel) - Tour Guide App screens

Process highlights:

The first job at hand was sorting out which information will be available to the tour guides, and what would be the easiest way for them to use it while guiding a tour or preparing for one. Interviews followed by the mapping of the user journey - helped matching the users’ specific needs to the system’s capabilities and limitations.

The result is fluid navigation and easy-to-access functions such as check-in the group's team, view the trip's plan, and present needed authorizations.