Whatify - designing a prescriptive analytics platform, from scratch

The Client:

I've been working with this ambitious startup for more than a year now, expanding and improving their automated AI engine, aka Firefly.ai.
A few months ago we started a journey together, building a new revolutionary product, based on their cutting edge AI technology, that led to a brand rename and redesign - welcome to Whatify!

The Process:

Startups work fast and intensely, and I joined this team effort with excitement and conviction.

I created app-flows while researching and creating mood-boards, planned wireframes while initiating the design process, got feedback, and iterated as quickly as possible. The platform is in its Beta testing stage currently, and changes will surely happen when we have enough data on our users' behaviors. The work was intense but thanks to the great people around, mostly fun!

The platform is a question-triggered prescriptive analytics platform that allows anyone to ask business questions, connect data (no IT needed) and the magic behind the scenes will come up with answers. Whatify provides predictions and recommended actions to any business, no data, or technological skills required. If you want to know more about Whatify take a look here: https://whatify.ai